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COVID 19 Statement

March 13, 2020

As the coronavirus crisis continues to develop, we wanted to give you some assurances relating to your work with us here at Direct Mail Systems (DMS) and what we are doing to ensure business as usual for our clients.

DMS is committed to an evidence‐led and common‐sense approach to containing the coronavirus outbreak and mitigating its impact on employees and customers. We are confident we have continuity plans in place to minimise the risk of disruption and maintain continuation of service as much as reasonably possible. It is worth noting though that some postal authorities (like Italy) have already shut down and in those cases, there is little we can do to mitigate those extreme circumstances.

Our plans at DMS include implementing and sharing clear guidelines for our employees, providing advice and support for anyone who needs to self‐isolate, and issuing guidance on safe hygiene practices inside and outside the workplace.

Accounts, Sales and Data Processing can already work remotely should the need arise. We recognise that the situation will continue to evolve, and we remain committed to monitor the outbreak and update our plans accordingly.

Official government Guidance about mail

March 12, 2020

1. We continue to follow the guidance of public health authorities. Public Health England guidance says there are no additional precautions needed for handling post or packages.

2. Public health authorities have advised people receiving letters and parcels are not at risk of contracting coronavirus. From experience with other coronaviruses, we know that these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels. This complements the highly publicised guidance from public health authorities for people to wash their hands more often than usual using soap and hot water.

3. Royal Mail, along with Direct Mail Systems takes the health and safety of its colleagues, its customers and the local communities in which we operate very seriously. We have introduced social distancing rules that protect both our colleagues and our customers. We continue to follow public health authority preventative guidance.

Card Tipping in action

July 17, 2015

Card & Sample tipping is one of our favourite applications. Not only is does it make for a great finish, it makes your mail piece work harder.

Clients often come up with a new challenge and we are always keen to make the impossible possible. However strange the requirement we enjoy working outside our production contraints and create a solution to their needs.

Direct Mail Systems is Mail Mark ready

July 1, 2015 6 comments

Mailmark barcode technology offers web-based reporting from an online analytics dashboard – showing detailed batch level reporting on predicted delivery, volume and performance as well as item level error reporting.

It has been designed for high volume, high quality machine readable mail. It is most suitable for organisations producing millions of letters (or large letters) each year. It is available to Retail and Wholesale customers, providing powerful tools to analyse mailings.

With the additional reporting added to your existing product for no extra cost from Royal Mail, you know that you are receiving the best value product from Royal Mail. There are a number of steps to sending your mail with a Mailmark barcode, or, if you are a Mail Producer, to becoming Mailmark enabled.

CMC Papermail with inline inkjetting

February 4, 2015

Our CMC Papermail in action, running with inline inkjet heads. Fast, cost effective and with 100% reconcilliation.

Our HP heads give a sharp crisp finish, whilst running an hourly production speed of 8,000 an hour.

This client requires a 24 hour turnaround for market driven RRP adjustments to its 60,000 strong retailer network.